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Art & New Media (ANM at CNM): Typography

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Tpyographica: Journal of typography and typeface reviews

Typographica: Journal of Typography and Typeface Reviews

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Typography Websites

Baseline -
Emigre -
Fontsite -
IdentiFont  -
Type Index - -
U&lc Online -

Planet Typography Links to a variety of typographic topics. Information on type designers and type faces is located under the "Typographic Times" link. Contains an extensive collection of fonts and a search engine to identify fonts from an image, file, or url.

TypeBase Provides extensive links to information on typebase, foundries, and designers.

Identifont A large independent directory of typefaces, Identifont provides a range of features to help you locate fonts or find information about fonts.

Microsoft Typography

I Love Typography

I Love Typography

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Type Skit from SNL