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Applied Arts & Media Technology AAMT: Audio

Books, Tips and Equipment

Audio Production Books at KVCC

Type the search keyword phrase "Audio Production" into KVCC's ValleyCat to find print books, ebooks and articles.

Audio Recording Tips

Choose a quiet setting: You ideally want to be in a quiet, possibly sound-proof, closed-off area.

Wear headphones:Someone on your crew should always wear headphones and monitor the audio.

Place your microphone strategically: The appropriate distance between the speaker's mouth and microphone is 8 to 12 inches. This prevents capturing "popping" noises and heavy breathing in your recording.

Check your levels: Microphone levels should never peak into red during your test. The optimal point for microphone levels is just below the red.

Record ambient sound: At the end of any interview or any scene of  b-roll, record 30 seconds of ambient sound. This will come in very handy when you are editing your documentary's soundtrack in post-production.

Capture sound effects: While filming on-location, there will be many great opportunities to record sound effects. Don't miss the chance.

Speak clearly and articulate your words: Speak conversationally, during an interview or narration, as if you were speaking to a close friend. 

Listen to the audio playback: Don't be afraid to start over if you made a mistake!

Avoiding Cheesy Sound Design

Beautiful Lies

1980s Drum Sound

Uno as Anime

A Quiet Place

Audio Tricks and Tips

Public Radio Shows

Switched on Pop Podcast brakes down pop songs to figure out what is their place in culture. 

Fred and Barney leave each other voice messages from Wiretap (CBC Radio One) also on This American Life

Radio Lab story recording a child from birth through age 12 (this segment starts at 6 min 30 secs)

How Sound Podcast

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Despacito Gun Sync

Tip of the Tongue Voice Acting - Jello Apocalypse

Story Corps

Story Corps Audio stories and interviews of humanity and connections between people. 

Songs for Testing Headphone Quality

Hide a Lavaliere

Make Your Voice Sound Better

AI Audio Soundtracks

Soul by Pixar (first 10 minutes)