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Art & New Media (ANM at CNM): Graphic Design

Books, Tips and Equipment


Graphic Design Web Resources

  • Advertising Archives
    50,000 images including press and TV advertising, magazine covers, cinema posters, cigarette cards, menus, comics.
  • AIGA: The Professional Association for Design
  • Book Cover Archive
    Book covers searchable by title, designer, illustrator, genre, author or typefaces.
  • Creative Review
    Journal for visual communication showing new advertising campaigns, graphic design, interactive design
  • D&AD (Design and Art Direction)
    Educational charity of thee global creative, design and advertising communities. 
  • Design Museum Museum of contemporary design from furniture to graphics to architecture to industrial design.
  • Graffiti Creator: Online Graffiti Generator
  • Icograda
    International Council of Graphic Design Associations: graphic design, visual communication, design management. Promotes the profession and supports education in these fields.
  • Title Screens Page
    Title screens of thousands of films.
  • Tom Eckersley Archive
    Archive showing advertising, public information images and propaganda posters etc.
  • Sketchbooks in School Project
    Promoting and enabling the use of sketchbooks for primary school children

UX: User Experience

The State of UX in 2019


The State of UX in 2017 This excellent article asks . . . 

Why does one choose Gmail over Yahoo, Medium over Blogger — if the features are 99% the same? It’s the additional layer of sophistication that can only be achieved when you put enough time and brainpower into the tiniest details, the most subtle animations, the most elegant transitions.

ANM Graphic Design Course Descriptions

ANM 102 History Graphic & Web Design
In this course, the history of graphic design as it relates to print and web will be explored. Emphasis will be on examining the philosophies and practices of influential designers from the 20th century to present. Students will also study the influences of the digital revolution on web, social media, and how we interact visually.

ANM 104 Design Theory & Practice
This course provides an overview of the various processes involved in gathering and arranging written and visual messages for print, web, illustration, animation, and time-based media. Students will study the basic principles and elements of 2-D design and their relative association to various forms of visual communication. Hands-on work using Adobe InDesign, and an introduction to Illustrator and Photoshop, scanning, layout will be explored.

ANM 141 Graphic Design
This course involves understanding the various stages of developing layouts for print and web. A focus on the organization of visual information (type, imagery) will be emphasized through the creation of specific visual communication exercises. Students will be exposed to contemporary design issues and be expected to expand their understanding of formal design principles, type as imagery, creative brainstorming, critical thinking, group work, presentation, and craftsmanship.

Graphic Design Books at KVCC

Graphic Design Video from PBS