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Marketing Business Information: BUS 105 Prof Jones

BUS 105 Marketing Resources. Arcadia Commons Campus Library selected web and print materials for conducting preliminary marketing research.

Library Research Assignment

Library Research Assignment

As a team, assign who will explore the library tasks listed below. Each member will post their individual findings (as described in red text below) to their BUS 105 Moodle Group. If your team has more than three members, multiple people can explore to the same task, but each individual will need to post their own unique info to their Moodle Group about what they found or learned from their research.  

Task 1: Company Research

Task 1: Research a large company on Entrepreneurial Studies Source.

In the KVCC Library's Entrepreneurial Studies Source, (listed alphabetically here) search to find info about large, global companies such as: 

Case Studies

Financial or Investment Reports

Market Share Reports

Industry Financial Analytics and Forecasts

Strategy & Planning


Online in your BUS 105 Moodle Group, post 3 items of information you found useful or interesting from Entrepreneurial Studies Source

Task 2: Demographics Reports

Task 2: Demographics Now Research Database

Step 1: Open Demographics Now Business & People from the Library Database Page

Step 2: Click on DEMOGRAPHICS between "People & Companies" and "Maps" tabs. 

Step 3: In upper corner search box, type a location in the "Enter Geography/Entire US" field.  

Step 4: Select a Report from the "Report Name" drop down menu. Click "Run Report"

Step 5: Think of how these reports could help you understand consumers. 

Online in your BUS 105 Moodle Group, post the name of two reports (repeat Step 4 to run a second report) you looked up and describe the info Demographics Now provides. 

Task 3: SWOT

Task 3: Research a large company's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT).

In the KVCC Library's Entrepreneurial Studies Source, (listed alphabetically here) research a large, global company. Search using the "name of the company" and SWOT in the serach box.  Read the SWOT Analysis for the company you've chosen and read it thoroughly.  


Online in your BUS 105 Moodle Group, post your findings and reactions about the company's: 

1) most essential Strength and why you selected that Strength

2) most critical Weakness and why you selected that Weakness

3) most important Opportunity and why you selected that Opportunity

4) most significant Threat and why you selected that Threat


Task 4: Article Search

Task 4: Marketing Article from ProQuest 

Explore ProQuest from the KVCC Library database page for articles about the large company your group is researching to find articles about that company's marketing efforts and plans. 


Online in your BUS 115 Moodle Group, from the article you found in ProQuest post:

- article's title

- publication name

- date of the publication

- a brief summary of the article

- a description of what you found most interesting about company from the article