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Course Reserves and Textbooks

Information for students and faculty about textbooks and other course materials at the libraries.
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Learn about the Library Course Reserve Collection. Check to see if an item you need is on Course Reserve. Find out where, when and how long you can borrow reserves. Information for faculty on adding/removing/renewing course reserves for your courses.


About Course Reserves

  • The library maintains a collection of textbooks and other assigned material used for specific Kalamazoo Valley Courses.
  • To provide greater access to all students, most course reserves have a limited loan period of 3 hours.
  • The libraries have hundreds of assigned and supplementary materials in the course reserve collection.
  • At student or instructor request, the assigned textbooks for the Top 25 enrolled courses are placed on reserve each semester.

Search for Course Reserves

Search this Guide (recommended for textbooks)

By Class
  1. Find your discipline and course number. For example, if you are taking Fundamentals of Biology, the class number is BIO 101 and the discipline is Biology.
  2. View TTC Course Reserves or ACC Course Reserves.
  3. Select the discipline from the A-Z list. There are no items on reserve for a discipline not on the A-Z list.
  4. Look for your class number.

Note: Not all instructors use the same books for the same classes, so be sure to reference your class syllabus or the KVCC Bookstore website to find the required book(s) for your class.


Catalog Search (recommended for novels)

By Title

  1. Search the catalog by title.
  2. If the item is on reserve, the location will note that it is in the Reserve Collection.
  3. Some assigned books may be in the General Collection, which has a semester long loan period. If another student requests a book that you have checked out, it will be recalled and you must return it within 3 weeks.

Borrow Course Reserves

  • Borrow reserves from the Circulation desk on the upper level of the library, room 3210.
  • Most items are available for 3 hour loan. You may take the item anywhere on campus during this time.
  • Return reserves at the Circulation desk.
  • You will receive a hold on your student account if you do not return a reserve on time.
  • A replacement fee is also charged for lost or damaged reserves.

                library reserve desk upper level ttc

Circulation and Reserve Desk at the TTC Library, Upper Level Room 3210

Manage My Course Reserves

Remove Reserves

Instructors may request to remove personal copies on reserve at any time. Items will be sent to you via interoffice mail unless otherwise requested.

Contact Ashley (TTC) or Franki (ACC).

Add Reserves

Contact the library to place a personal or library owned text, film or other material on reserve at the Texas Township or Arcadia Commons Campus library. Instructors may also request that the library purchase items for the reserve collection.

To ensure availability on the first day of classes, please submit your request before the start of the semester. We recommend 3 weeks for new purchase requests and 1 week for personal or library materials.

Reserve FAQs for Instructors

Are there limits on what can I put on reserve?

There are limits on the type, but not quantity, of materials that can be placed on reserve. Due to copyright law the following materials may not be placed on reserve: items from another library, rented items, course packs and work books.

How long can students borrow a reserve?

The typical loan period for reserves is 3 hours. This is so that many students have the opportunity to access these limited resources. If you have multiple copies and would like to offer a longer loan period to your students, the option for multiple day and even semester loans is also available.

How long will my item(s) stay on reserve?

Items will stay on reserve for a minimum of one year, unless otherwise requested. The library will contact you if there is a question as to whether or not a materials is still needed for reserve.

How can I know if students are using a book I put on reserve?

If you would like to know the usage statistics for one of your reserves, contact Ashley or Franki.

When can I add or remove a reserve?

Instructors can add or remove reserves at any time, even in the middle of a semester. It is recommended that assigned texts are added at least a week before classes begin to allow for processing time.

If I do not have an extra copy will the library purchase a copy for reserve?

Yes, you may submit a purchase request to the library for reserve items. Contact Ashley or Franki to inquire about reserve purchase requests. Please note that we purchase our textbooks from the KVCC Bookstore whenever possible.

Please contact us if you have any other questions!