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Course Reserves at the KVCC Library

Information about Library Course Reserves

Reserve Form

Instructors and students may use this form to request materials for the Course Reserve Collection. 

Course Descriptions

Look up course information in the course catalog.

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  • The library maintains a collection of textbooks and other assigned material used for specific Kalamazoo Valley Courses. 
  • Most course reserves have a limited loan period of 3 hours
  • Check out reserves at the library Circulation Desk at either campus library.
  • Most Course Reserves are temporary items that are not discoverable in the Library Catalog
  • Use the Course Reserve List below to view items on reserve at the libraries.
  • To sort the list, open the Course Reserves Sheet

Course Reserve Request Form 

Reserve Request Form

Instructors and students may use this form to request materials for the Course Reserve Collection. 


Course Reserve FAQs for Instructors

What types of material can I put on reserve?

  • Books (print or electronic)
  • Journal articles (print or electronic)
  • Movies (DVD, blu ray, VHS, streaming)
  • Lab kits
  • Objects: calculators, cameras, tools, etc.

How can my students access Course Reserves?

Physical Course Reserve collections are available at both the Texas Township and Anna Whitten Hall Libraries. Students should have a Valley ID to borrow material from the Circulation/Reserve Desk. Electronic reserves may be accessed remotely through the Course Reserves webpage using a KVCC login.

How long can students borrow a reserve?

So that many students have the opportunity to access these limited resources, most physical copies of items on reserve have a limited loan period of 3 hours. If multiple copies of an item are on reserve, there is the option to offer an extended loan period of 1-14 days.

When can I add or remove a reserve?

Instructors can add or remove reserves at any time, even in the middle of a semester. It is recommended that assigned texts are added at least a week before classes begin to allow for processing time. Items will stay on reserve for a minimum of one year, unless otherwise requested. The library will contact you if there is a question as to whether or not a material is still needed for reserve.

Does the library purchase books for reserve?

Yes, you may submit a purchase request to the library for reserve items using the Course Reserve Form. Please note that we purchase our textbooks from the KVCC Bookstore whenever possible.

What happens if a student does not return a course reserve?

Students will receive a student account hold blocking access to grades and transcripts and a replacement fee. The fee and hold will be waived if the material is returned promptly.