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COM 113 Interpersonal Communication: Citations

A step-by-step guide to choosing a topic, finding resources, and writing research papers in the proper citation format for COM 113.

Writing Your Paper and Citing Your Sources

When you are ready to start writing, resources on how to write a good essay, as well as how to put your paper and citations in correct MLA or APA format are presented here. The column to the far right features a link to the helpful Purdue OWL Format Guide, and a useful automatic List of Works Cited generator and research aid app called Noodle Tools.  

We have more resources than the ones listed here! Please visit or contact our friendly library staff for more help.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Award-winning free-to-use writing and format reference which includes a helpful, thoroughly annotated sample paper and copious citation examples for many of the most common types of sources. 

General Writing Guides: E-Books

KVCC Library Citation Guides

Below are links to four-page citation format overview with reference examples and sample body text for MLA or APA. Available in hard copy from the library Reference Desk. 

Below is a link to a Citation Research Guide, made by one of our librarians. It will provide examples of formatting for various types of citation. 

Official APA Website

Official MLA Website

Noodle Tools

Noodle Tools features an easy-to-use, time-saving app made available for free to KVCC students and staff.  Choose your citation format, type of source, and content delivery medium (print, database, etc.), and simply fill out the resulting form with your citation information.  Noodle Tools presents your input in the desired format automatically, compiles and orders your list of reference works, and allows you to copy and paste, export it as a Word file, and more.  You will be asked to register for an account the first time you log on. 

Noodle Tools Quick Guide for Students

Tips for Noodle Tools

Tips for Noodle Tools

  • When creating a new project, make sure to choose "Advanced" for citation level. 
  • You can change citation style at any time in the drop-down options menu next to your project.
  • You can export your bibliography into Microsoft Word.
  • You can create annotated bibliographies.
  • Noodle Tools will show you examples of In-Text Citations in the drop-down options menu next to your citation.