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COM 113 Interpersonal Communication: Choosing a Topic

A step-by-step guide to choosing a topic, finding resources, and writing research papers in the proper citation format for COM 113.

Step 1: Choosing Your Topic

Sometimes it's hard to know where to begin a long paper or project. The first step is choosing a topic that both interests you and fits the parameters your professor gave you. Start by considering areas related to Interpersonal Communication which you find interesting. If you are having trouble choosing a topic to work with, please see the links provided for some ideas. Be aware that not all of the topics you will see relate to the communications field. You will need to choose one that fits your assignment. 

You may also want to look through your textbook or course materials for ideas. Feel free to browse e-books on the library's catalogs or articles through the library's databases for ideas as well. 

Database: Opposing Viewpoints in Context - Browse Issues

The database Opposing Viewpoints in Context provides a list of topics to browse. The link provided should take you directly to the topics page although you may need to login with your Valley ID and password. 

Database: Opposing View Points in Context - Topic Finder

The database Opposing Viewpoints in Context also has a topic finder that will help you find resources for many different topics. This link should take you directly there. Type in your topic and it will break down your topic into subtopics. If you do not like the "Tiles" visualization, you may change it to a "Wheel" design instead. 

If you veer away from the page, you can find the topic finder in the Opposing Viewpoints Database under advanced search next to the search. Then click on "Topic Finder" in the gray bar. 

Articles and Databases


Once you have searched for your topic, narrow to e-book only from the box on the left.