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ENG 111 College Writing II

Does My Instructor Allow Internet Resources?

What kinds of resources will your instructor accept? 

  • Check your assignment or ask your instructor what types of resources they are looking for. 
  • Some instructors might require only scholarly or peer-reviewed resources. 
  • Others may allow internet resources.  


Evaluating Websites

If you use an internet source, think critically about the website and all of the resources you use:

  • Look for the "About" link on the website.   
  • Who is creating a website?  An organization?  A educational institution?  An individual?
  • Is the website the product of expert opinion?  Or, is it a personal hobby or project?
  • Are sources properly cited?
  • Is the website well-organized and edited for spelling and grammar?

CRAAP Source Evaluation Test

Additionally, many students use the CRAAP Test as a starting point for thinking about source evaluation: 

  • C -- Currency
    • When was the material written?  Does it reflect current thought on the subject?
  • R -- Relevance
    • Does the information in the source fit the goals of the research assignment?  Is it understandable?
  • A -- Authority
    • What kind of expertise does the creator of the source have?  Can you trust the source to be credible?
  • A -- Accuracy
    • Is the information factual and accurate?  Can you find the information in additional sources?
  • P -- Purpose
    • Is the source intended for a particular audience?  Is the information biased?