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Respiratory Care: Respiratory Care Research Guide

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This LibGuide helps KVCC Respitory Care students find books, articles and resources to support assignments. 

Films on Demand



RCP100 Resp Care Procedures I     

RCP106 Pharmacology Resp Care                  

RCP107 Cardiopulmonary Pathphys I         

RCP110 Resp Care ProceduresII   

RCP112 Cardiopulmonary PathphysII       

RCP125 Basic Cardiac Life Support              

RCP130 Resp Care Sem/Clinic I                     

RCP200 Resp Care ProceduresIII  

RCP210 Resp Care Sem/ClinicII                    

RCP225 Resp Care Sem/ClinicIII                  

RCP230 Contemp Resp Topics 


Annotated Bibliographies/Literature Search            Kazoo Area Health Libraries

PubMed and Journals                                                 Professional / Government Organizations

Citing Sources                                                             Respiratory Care Websites

SMART Images: Scientific and Medical Art

SMART Images

Quality illustrations & animations depicting anatomy, physiology, surgery, diseases, conditions, trauma, embryology, histology and other health science topics. Educational use of images is allowed for papers, PowerPoints, handouts, and poster sessions.

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